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Dimplex Revillusion 36" Built-in Firebox

Dimplex Revillusion 36" Built-in Firebox

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Revillusion® is a completely new way of looking at fireplaces and changing the standard for electric heating options.  A clear view through the lifelike flames, to the full brick interior, captures the charm of a wood-burning fireplace. Enjoy the look of a fireplace cut straight from the pages of a magazine by choosing Revillusion®; clearly a better fireplace.

Additional sizes are availableCLICK HERE to see the entire Revillusion collection!


Product Dimensions

H 26 58 in x W 37 14 in x D 12 18 in
H 67.6 cm x W 94.4 cm x D 30.7 cm

Product Details

Firebox: Log Set
Volts: 120/208/240
Wattage: 1300/1975/2575
Amps: 10.8/9.5/10.7
BTUs: 4400/6745/8794

Key Features & Benefits

Revillusion® Flame Technology
Flames are larger, brighter, and more random, appearing from within the logs.

Mirage™ Flame Panel
Partially frosted acrylic panel is clearly better than a mirror, showing only dazzling flames and no reflections.

ThruView™ Full-depth Design
See clear through the flames to the back of a masonry fireplace for a more authentic experience.

Mood Lighting
Customize the firebox glow with a choice of warm hues, plus midnight mode.

Color Enhancement
Adjust the flame base color to red or blue.

Realogs® Plus
A full grate of life-size hardwood-cast logs, tiered for greater depth.

Full Brick-surround Firebox
More authentic day or night; 270-degree herringbone brick with natural soot markings.

Brightness and Flicker
Adjust light level to suit the room and choose a flicker effect for enhanced firelight.

Ambient Light Sensor
Automatically adjusts firebox lights to suit the room day to night.

Quick and Easy Installation
Simply frame, wire, and finish – no venting, gas lines, or safety screens.

Primary Heat
Option to use 240 volt supply for up to 8,800 BTU - use as part of the primary heating plan; heater also operates without flame and can be deactivated.

Designed to be direct-wired to a 120, 208, or 240-volt circuit for a seamless look (optional plug kit available).

All-season Flames
Enjoy the unique charm of a fireplace 365 days a year using the flames without the heat.

Low Carbon Footprint
The most sustainable fireplace option; no emissions and 100% efficient.

Additional sizes are availableCLICK HERE to see the entire Revillusion collection!
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