About Very Good Fireplaces


Very Good Fireplaces was created from a passion for quality family time and premium home comfort, offering exceptional value and unbeatable customer service.

At Very Good Fireplaces, we guarantee the best electric fireplaces at unbeatable prices, paired with customer service rooted in honesty and integrity. We guide you every step of the way through your buying journey, ensuring the exceptional customer experience that's missing from the fireplace market today. We are dedicated to not only enhancing your home but also supporting our community, which is why we donate 5% of our proceeds to charity.

Join us in our mission to warm homes all over the country.


Meet Our Founder

My name is Brendan, and I am proud to help you turn your time spent at home into true quality time. Before becoming a digital nomad, I lived in a condo in Florida with a wood-burning fireplace. Initially, I assumed I would never use the fireplace due to the hot weather. However, when my future wife moved in, we began having fires every night during the winter months. That fireplace became the centerpiece of many movie nights, dinner parties with friends, and Christmas celebrations with family.

Living in a condo complex presented a challenge, as my neighbors were not fond of the sound of chopping wood every night. To enjoy a fire, I had to walk four blocks to the grocery store, buy two large bags of wood, carry them home, and then up three flights of stairs. Cleaning up the next day with sweeping and ash removal was another hassle.

This routine became cumbersome. Wood was getting expensive, and my back wasn't enjoying the effort either. I started searching for electric fireplaces, but when I called a few businesses for information, I couldn't reach a single person. After leaving messages and receiving no responses, I decided to take matters into my own hands.