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European Home Capella Mantel Suite Electric Fireplace

European Home Capella Mantel Suite Electric Fireplace

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Capella Mantel Suite Electric Fireplace

This fireplace comes as a full-surround mantel with classic lines on a smaller scale. This traditional style model measures 39 1/8” tall by 45” high, with a viewable opening of 23 1/2″ wide by 20″ high. It’s great for smaller homes, apartments, or condos.

We also offer the fireplace by itself as the E-FX Slim Line 600.

Fireplace features:
– Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) non-reflective front.
– Ultra Black 3-dimensional realism.
– Pre-set and user favorite programmable animations.
– Customizable colors.
– Variable flame speed.
– Variable lighting control.
– Fully animated and illuminated LED log effects.
– Remote and App controlled.
– Manual keypad.
– Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
– Hidden heater for optional heat.


Flamerite Fires, award winning designer and manufacturer, of the patented glowing log technology, has created an electric fireplace which ensures a level of realism that surpasses other brands. With a fusion of innovation and contemporary design, Flamerite is able to transform a living space, creating an ambiance of a wood or gas fire. These fireplaces are constructed with premium material and expert workmanship for long lasting performance.


Experience the charm of authentic looking illuminated log effects with a simulated burn. To enhance the overall visual appeal, Flamerite has integrated the illusion of a smoldering ember bed and added adjustable lighting. This allows you to accentuate this effect based on the ambient light in the room.


With variable flame speeds and an array of flame animations, their fires offer both pre-set options and the ability to intuitively customize your flame effect. Achieve a wholly non-reflective ultra-black aesthetic with Flamerite. Addressing concerns from electric fireplace users who have experienced mirror-like reflections, Flamerite has addressed this, ensuring that Flamerite fireplaces do not exhibit such characteristics.


For those who appreciate the traditional touch, Flamerite offers wireless remote and a discreet but incredibly easy to use manual keypad on the fireplace. These features take the frustration out of fireplace operation. For those who enjoy newer technology, the fireplaces can be brought to life with your smart phone or tablet. Plus, they can connect to Google Home, and Alexa.


Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) manage your fire home or away. Schedule an event, pre-warm the room or just set the ambiance prior to arrival, you’re in total control.


The rising popularity of electric fireplaces can be attributed to the ability of users to enjoy the visual appeal of a fire without producing actual heat. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces operate on a “flame effect” principle rather than real flames.

– The heaters are discreetly concealed, eliminating distracting grills from view.
– A subtle adjustment in the front glass tilt technology enhances air circulation, efficiently drawing in cooler room air while emitting warmth. This improvement contributes to the heater’s increased reliability and lifespan.
– The hidden heater design provides a flush finish to the fireplace’s face, enhancing the overall aesthetic.


  • Flame Effect: Powered by Electricity

  • Power Supply: 13 Amp, 110 Volt Circuit

  • Viewable Opening: 23 1/2" W x 20" H

  • Heat Output: 1,500W (5,115 BTU/hr)

  • Venting: N/A

  • Front: UHD Non-reflective Glass

  • Interior: Non-reflective Rear Glass

  • Remote Control: Remote, Google Home, Alexa

  • Certification: ULC Certified


BIMobject Category: HVAC - Fireplaces
IFC classification: Space Heater
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_70_60_36_74
Uniclass 2015 Description: Room heaters
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 10 30 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Fireplaces and Stoves
OmniClass Number: 23-19 17 11
OmniClass Title: Electric Fireplace

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