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Amantii 60" Symmetry Extra Tall Smart Built-in Electric Fireplace

Amantii 60" Symmetry Extra Tall Smart Built-in Electric Fireplace

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There is more fire viewing area than ever before with Symmetry XT Smart, it boasts the tallest height yet. With edge-to-edge viewing and no unsightly heat vents, this series provides an artistic element above and beyond the basic functions of fire display and heat. The result is clean, contemporary, and innovative. Also features WiFi functionality that offers modern capabilities for a modern fireplace.

Presented in red, yellow, and orange flames, the presentation does not disappoint.

Symmetry XT-Smart 74”, 88, and 100” all have the option of being hooked up to 240 volts, which increases the heat to 240V, 3000 watts, and 10,230 volts.


Outdoor use: Outdoor use; refer to SYM-XT installation manual.


    • The glass viewing area is 18” tall with no unsightly venting visible
    • Touchpad controls for convenient control of features with temperature display
    • Ambient Canopy lighting in 13 colors to illuminate decorate media – adds a new dimension
    • Includes Two flame patterns – choose from Amantii’s standard flame style and a new more traditional flame style
    • 2 Stage heater
    • Hardwire ready
    • Thermostat hard-wire ready
    • Trim is required and fireplaces come with Black Surround
    • Flame operates with or without heat. Perfect for zone heating
    • Single remote control for flame, ambient canopy lighting & heater included
    • The heater is located in the inner top of the unit, thus allowing the heat to cascade down over the top of the glass
    • Hidden venting allows for a true clean face appearance
    • Can produce up to 1465W 5000 BTU Heat
    • Flame Presentation  – State of the art flame presentation:  Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
    • Can be used indoors & outdoor  including bathroom
    • Extra Height & Depth compared to SYMMETRY & SYMMETRY-B


  • Two Flame Patterns – choose from Amantii’s standard flame style and a new more traditional flame style
  • Hassle-Free Installation – unit can now be installed at the end of the project with standardized sizing
  • TouchPad Controls

TWO Flame Style Patterns
The SYMMETRY XT SMART fireplace arrives from the factory with a NEW realistic style flame pattern. Enjoy our flame presentation in a new style that mimics real fire like never before. If you prefer Amantii’s traditional diffused flame appearance, simply remove the included stencil.

Hassle-Free Installation – Standardized Sizing
The SYMMETRY fireplaces have been made with standardized unit sizing.
Standardized fireplace sizing creates a hassle-free installation at any stage of the project. This means that the opening for the fireplace can be made at any stage of a build – the appliance can be easily installed and finished with the included surround at the end of a project. The surround beautifully completes the fireplace without the need for detailed or costly finishing.

The SYM-60-XT fireplace measures 20 1/8″ (H) X 60 1/4″ (W)

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the SYMMETRY-60-XT in your favorite living spaces.

Clean Face

NO UNSIGHTLY VENTING – Unlike electric fireplace models made by other manufacturers, SYMMETRY fireplaces are unencumbered by unsightly venting or red glowing heat grills. Venting and grills take away from the aesthetics of a fireplace and the SYMMETRY series have some of the biggest glass viewing areas in the industry. You’ll see more of what is important – a beautiful, warm, and comforting flame display.

Hidden venting and no grills.
The heater is located at the top of the SYM-60-XT fireplace allowing heat to cascade down in front of the glass.

Extra Deep Tray
At 12” in-depth, the extra deep tray accommodates more decorative media than any other fireplace on the market.

Convenient touchpad with temperature indicator display.


Volts 120
Amps 12.5
Watts 1200 max
Heater 1200 watts high
600 watts low
No Heater 46 watts
Lamps LED 22 watts
Rotor Motor 1 at 5 watts
Height, Width, Depth 20 1/8 x 60 1/4 x 11 3/4”
51 x 153 x 29.7 cm
Glass View Opening 17 5/8 x 58 3/8″
44.6 x 148.4 cm
Surround Size 21 3/4 x 62 1/4″
54.2 x 158.2 cm
Shipping Size 23 3/4 x 66 1/2 x 16″
40.6 x 168.5 x 60 cm
Shipping Weight  97.7 lbs or 44.3 kgs
Plug Location Left Side
Cord Length 76” / 193 cm
Approx. Heating Area 400 sq. ft. / 37 sqm




Tech Specs

Outdoor Installation Instructions



The SYM-60-XT series electric fireplaces come with your choice of Driftwood, Birch, Split, oak, or Rustic Log media kits OR ICE media kit.