Built-in Electric Fireplace: 6 Ideas for Your Living Room

Built-in electric fireplace can be one of the best additions to your home. It is not only affordable, but very stylish and easy to install. Moreover, as an electric fireplace, it saves you from lot of maintenance-related trouble. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a built-in electric fireplace. 

If you’re considering adding a built-in electric fireplace to your living room, we have a few ideas to inspire you.

Top Built-In Electric Fireplace Ideas for Your Living Room

1. Turn It Into a Feature Wall

The first way that you can add a built-in electric fireplace to your living room is to make it the focal point of one of your walls. You can even take it one step further and make the wall a different texture or color.

Built-In Electric Fireplace for Living Room Focus Wall

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim

Built In Electric Fireplace for Living Room

2. Add Mantel to your Built-in Electric Fireplace

If you love the look of a traditional fireplace mantel but would prefer not to deal with wood, coals, smoke, and soot, know that you can replicate this look with a built-in electric fireplace. What’s more, you can enjoy the flames in summer or winter.

You can either add built-in electric fireplace to an existing mantel, or a build a new one. Creating a mantel for an electric fireplace can be an exciting DIY project. You can create a mantel that works as a shelf and use it for displaying various items. Overall, you can get very creative with the frame for an electric fireplace

Built-In Electric Fireplace with Mantel

Touchstone Sideline Elite

3. Create an Unconventional Mantel

If you don’t necessarily want to go the traditional mantel route, you can always modernize it by adding a wooden beam above the fireplace. Consider various electric fireplace ideas to create a statement wall or a corner and refresh your home design. Built-in electric fireplace can blend seamlessly into existing design, so it gives you lot of room for creativity. 

Built-In Electric Fireplace with Wooden Beam

Modern Flames Redstone

If you would like to learn more about building a mantel for your electric fireplace, read our article for tips and ideas. 

4. Install It Under Your Television

If your television is already a focal point in your living room, adding an electric fireplace below it can help balance it out. Opt for a more modern look and feel to make this visual work. You don’t need to worry about damaging your television either as most electric fireplaces have front vents.

If you are concerned about mounting a TV above your electric fireplace, we've got you covered. Electric fireplace safety is something you must keep in mind. Gladly, mounted TV above electric fireplace can be perfectly safe, if you follow the guidelines. 

Find out What to Consider When Mounting TV Above an Electric Fireplace.

Built-In Fireplace Under Television

Touchstone Sideline Elite

5. Create a Traditional Illusion

If it’s been really difficult for you to choose between an electric and a traditional fireplace, know that there are electric options available that are hyper-realistic. Built-in fireboxes have more depth than other models and when paired with details such as logs, it looks almost identical to a real fireplace. Overall, with built-in electric fireplace, it is quite easy to create a design that resembles a traditional fireplace. 

Built-In Firebox in Living Room

Dimplex Revillusion Firebox

6. Add it to a Corner

There is no rule that says a built-in fireplace needs to be installed vertically along a wall. If you want something a little different, you can always add it to a corner or dividing wall.

If you are considering adding electric fireplace to the corner, then you should choose the right unit. Start by searching the installation type. In the online store look for 3-sided electric fireplaces or corner electric fireplaces.

Built-In Corner Electric Fireplace in Living Room

European Home E810


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