How to Build a Frame for an Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace insert usually goes inside an existing fireplace box. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a fireplace insert at your home then you will need to build your own frame for your new electric fireplace. This is the perfect guide on how to build a frame for an electric fireplace insert.

There are many types of electric fireplace inserts, so you have different options to choose the best you like. They have unique lifelike flame impacts. These are best alternative to the outdated fireplaces made of gas and wood. They are also budget friendly and energy saver. 

You can enhance sophistication to your home with these electric fireplaces and make them warmer as well. Your living rooms can become more gorgeous when you build a frame for these electric fireplace inserts. Here are the Top 3 Realistic Electric Fireplaces to enhance the classic look of your house

There is no need to hire a professional to build an electric fireplace insert, you can do it by yourself very easily. Step wise instructions will be provided to you in this article to build a frame for an electric fireplace insert.  

Types of Fireplace Inserts

These frames have the capacity for fireplaces to be inserted in them to provide you a pleasant and hot environment in your home. An electric fireplace gives you a feel of usual woods having no tension of ashes, smoke and any type of flames.

Three types of electric fireplace inserts are there:

  • Plug-in firebox
  • Built-in firebox
  • Electric log inserts

One thing to note about the above three types of electric fireplace inserts - built-in electric fireplaces are intended to be more enduring and lasting for your home instead of plug-in firebox or electric log inserts. 

Frame an electric fireplace insert

Here are some tips to build a customized electric fireplace frame

Select an Appropriate Location

Selection of an appropriate location for a fireplace insert is very important. It must be in the center of living room where you have easy access to a power outlet.  The power outlet should be in the middle of the fireplace insert so that the wires don’t look messy.

Select an Electric Fireplace Insert

Selection of a fireplace insert is as important as the selection of appropriate location. You have to go to the market and select from an extensive variety of fireplace inserts. Width and length of the fireplace insert is according to the space available in your living room.

After having dimensions in your mind, you have to concentrate upon the heating power of fireplace you have to be inserted in the frame. 

You can visit more than one shops to check more models and to compare prices of different fireplace inserts so that a perfect one is selected for your home. Keep in mind this information when you select a fireplace insert. Don’t compromise on quality.

Materials Required To Frame Electric Fireplace

The list of the materials you require to build a frame of electric fireplace is as under:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Plywood
  • Wood Screws
  • Pocket Screws
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Table saw

Instructions: How to Create Electric Fireplace Frame

Step-by-step instructions to frame an electric fireplace insert:

1- Building the Base

Base is built in a way that it can hold the weight of fireplace. Base should be rectangle having support in the center to hold your frame. You should be very careful in tightening every screw. 

Take a start by placing the pieces of the mainframe and join them with screws. To add support in the center cut a piece of plywood having exact size of width of the base. Join this center support to the frame base. 

Now the base is completed. Let’s work on the mainframe. 

2- Building the Electric Fireplace Frame

First you have to make front of the fireplace with the help of screws. After making the front you have to build the frame around it. 

You should also concentrate on the height of the frame and on the thickness of the base while building the frame

3- Installation of the Frame 

After assembling the frame, you need to put it on the base which we have already built. You have to install the base against the wall so that mainframe can comfortably be rested upon it.

4- Covering The Frame 

Once you have done with the frame structure, now you have to attach it with the base and after that the whole structure be installed against the wall. 

Before installation, there is need to cover the frame with plywood. You can use a table saw to cut the pieces of plywood having same width and length as per baseboard. Then you need to attach these pieces with the top and with the front of baseboard. 

Plywood is used for this purpose as it is considered the best for these types of projects. You can order it according to your need and specifications. Plywood cover also provides protection to your frame.

5- Adding A Fireplace Mantel To The Top (optional)

Next step is to cut the length of the fireplace mental. You need to have a half inch plywood on the top and stencil on the place where to cut it from all sides. Then trim it as per the requirement and attach it by using one and half inch brad nails. Mantel is an important part of the frame of fireplace. 

6- Fill In The Seams

Filling the seams as important as building the whole fireplace insert. You can use wood filler to fill all the seams and nail holes. Be Careful to attempt this step as it gives a smooth look and saves you from sharp edges.

7- Sanding And Painting The Frame

Sanding is also a procedure before painting anything. You have to send first the whole body of the fireplace base covering. Then clean the entire wood and dust particles with a piece of cloth or with the help of vacuum cleaner. 

Then next step is to paint the whole fireplace insert with the colour of your choice. Choose the color that best matches the paint of your living room. It will give a calming and lovely look to your home.


Now the frame for your electric fireplace insert is ready. This fireplace insert will give a lovely and calming look to your home. Want to see our best selling fireplace inserts? Check out our list of the most realistic electric fireplace inserts!

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