Top 5 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces: A Guide for Homeowners

A fireplace is as old as the lineage of kings and princesses from Great Britain. Originating as a source which provides a heating mechanism requiring a chimney consuming easily available firewood chiseled for use as timber fire-source, fireplaces have existed from something as an exotic element in a rich man's den to occupying the space of a crooked corner in a dilapidated old home in East London's cramped neighborhoods!

With so many options to choose from though, where do you start your search? What should you consider before you purchase an electric fireplace? This guide will help answer these questions while also making sure your choice is best suited to the design specs of your unique interior space where you ought to fit such an item which compliments the rest of the room.


5 Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Here are our top picks for homeowners looking to invest in a wall mounted electric fireplace. The following models have been articulated with a peculiar touch of modernity to allow for a more ecstatic aura which house simple yet interesting features.

1. Touchstone Fury Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Fury Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
This particular version reserves the top spot on our list for a reason as we believe it is the most interesting pick of all, offering an elegance like none other!

With a fully finished mantle design, the Touchstone Fury fireplace is easy to incorporate into almost any living space. The three-sided mantle looks and feels lifelike, as do the LED flames, with the mirror flame panel adding to the realistic visuals. The English air surrounding the edges of this future-like fireplace tends to reflect a more inclusive approach when it comes to absorbing the natural light of any setting. This makes this model particularly fascinating for anyone wanting to display natural elements around this lively fireplace which goes along perfectly with any home plants or organic furniture.

Choose from a low or high heat setting, 9 flame and bed color options, as well as white stones or clear crystals. These various options allow for a very flexible panel to choose from depending on your mood and comfort. The many ways to arrange these lights also allows for a fresh view every time you have a visitor at home.

The unit can be partially recessed or mounted on the wall, with the frontal location of the heating vent allowing you to mount a TV above it. Having a TV set located over such a wall mounted electric fireplace will allow space compression where a tight or a generally smaller living space can house much more interesting sights comfortably without burdening you with any air of excessiveness in a limited space.


2. Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This sleek unit is frameless and boasts an edge-to-edge viewing area, adding a modern finishing touch to any home. The Landscape Pro electric fireplace uses Hybrid-FX‚ĄĘ flame technology, high-intensity LED lighting, and an active ember bed to create a realistic experience. The expanse of the flame itself is designed to radiate light in a diverging direction to allow for maximum cover by the warming flames. This includes the rather flat screen-like display built to entertain anyone with a knack for a gothic artistic concept complimented with hardstone walls!

All functionality, including flame color and intensity, can be controlled via the Modern Flames app or the full feature remote control. A specially designed digital interface allows for easy access and control of the electric fireplace. This addition makes the whole experience with the fireplace much more interactive while also making sure it is safe by limiting manual exchange with the unit.

The unit’s fan is ultra-quiet and has a BTU heat output of up to 10,000, which means a dedicated 15 amps breaker is required. Since the whole piece is designed to accommodate disturb-less sleep, this specific feature makes this particular item stand-out among its other more fascinating peers. The longevity across the width of this model builds an air of sharp edges which contrast with the exterior of this model giving way to an intimidating yet sexy sight inside your home with this mounted fireplace in place!

3. Compton Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Compton Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Energy savings, installation flexibility, and realistic flame effects are what you can expect with the Compton electric fireplace from European Home. This three-sided fireplace comes standard with either a white or black stone surround motif, adding a contemporary look to any space. The jaw-like structure is meant to surround the fireplace with an ancient breath of cave-hood which serves diligently alongside regal furniture pieces. This model serves a rather bureaucratic look by involving aspects of standing out on its own without any supporting leg, perfect for an official space or waiting arena. Mostly fit into the side of your wall which accommodates the expanse of your drawing room, this model is incessantly jaw-dropping and sets the mood for a naked delight inside your living arena!


Control the flames using an intuitive application directly from your smartphone. The heat is also optional, which means you can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace at any time of the year. This makes it operable throughout most of the year including warmer seasons where even the arrangement of flames to produce exotic light colors can be witnessed without any need for heating.

The compact design makes it possible for this wall mounted electric fireplace to fit into a wide variety of spaces which can include anything from offices to hotel interiors! The individuality of this design speaks for the rather tertiary appearance of this particular design by including a flat fit across any wall area this fireplace may be installed into.

4. Touchstone Mirror Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Mirror Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

The mirrored glass on the front panel is what makes the Touchstone Mirror Onyx wall mounted electric fireplace speak for its value of graceful uniqueness. When the unit is not switched on, the logs are concealed by the mirror surface. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and dressing areas, the Mirror Onyx can heat a space of up to 400 square feet using two levels of heating. This feature allows for a more relaxed interior if it gradually warms sufficiently to allow reduction in heat emanating from the fireplace. The glowing radiance reflects the posh air which emanates from this masterpiece.

This particular fireplace is also renowned for its realistic flames. Choose from one of five flame settings, ranging from a subtle ember to a full flame. Explore and delight yourself with these fascinating options and choose your favorite view for any kind of a get-together.

All settings can be controlled using a remote control. There is also a built-in timer that ranges from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. The time limit facilitates one complete sleep cycle to afford one with a comfortable ambiance as they drift deeper and deeper into sleep closer to the fireplace.

5. Touchstone Chesmont Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Chesmont Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This three-sided fireplace boasts a full glass viewing area, modern mantel, as well as a frontal heating vent, making it possible to mount a TV above this electric fireplace. Available in a white or black finish, this unit offers a high and low heat setting and an independent flame effect. Enjoy the ambiance of a fire without the heat during the warmer months. This option is added to make sure your investment in this fireplace is not limited for use only during the colder winter months rather to facilitate use throughout the year.

Using LED flame technology, the Chesmont fireplace generates realistic visuals, with driftwood and crystal hearth sets adding the ideal finishing touch to this smartly designed model. The shattering light from the crystal mounted over the fire screen induces a cataclysmic display of wondrous lights recording a hallucinating sight for any observers standing in audience of this fireplace. 

Choose from five flame brightness settings, all of which can be adjusted with a remote control or manually via a touchpad. 

If you think a linear electric fireplace would be better suited to your home, have a look at our top picks here. 

The Evolution of a classical fireplace

Crossing over to the start of the 20th century, fireplaces evolved as a must have item in any home in England serving the purposes of grandiose as well as warming a home in times of blistering cold. Any couple seeking to build a future home would gloss through catalogues of intricate designs and thus their want for a fireplace would reserve priority in the section of the house as designed by an architect who would carefully cater to ventilation concerns for the smoke rising from a fireplace's burning wood. Fast-forward to the 21st century and today we find all kinds of fireplaces which have meta-morphed into sustainable design models which generously take into consideration the needs of an ever increasing volatility of an environment prone to climatic excesses.


To solve these issues, the concept of an electric fireplace took precedence over its more environmentally unsustainable peers. Such an electric substitute is not only safer but extends much more elegance and sense of pride for its owner. True, initially such an item's price tag would only allow its purchase by a certain someone who could excuse aside an excessive amount of money to buy such fireplaces however nowadays these item's prices are relatively much more reasonable and allow for greater penetration into the homes of numerous people who previously couldn't for sake of finances put aside such a large sum of money. Furthermore, the newer models which introduce a more modern concept of a wall mounted electric fireplace tend to make the design appealing to millennials who have a special interest in accommodating much more variety in-spite of having less room for such sleek décor!

What To Consider Before Buying A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

While you might already have a fireplace in mind, there are a few extra things to take into consideration. 

Installation Style

There are two types of wall mounted electric fireplaces: flush and recessed. A flush-style fireplace is installed flat against a supporting wall, while a recessed version fits into a slot in the wall. These two styles base themselves from the interior specs of the space they fit into which adequately compliment them. The separate installation comes along with a different set of manual guidelines on how to perfectly set them hanging.

Size & Location

Next, you need to decide where you want to install your electric fireplace so that you can decide on a fitting size. It’s also important to select a size that suits the location you have in mind. Fortunately, most wall mounted electric fireplaces are available in different sizes. The location should serve to facilitate a relaxed view for any guests or company by basing the position on such elevation that is neither too low nor too high for the wall mounted fireplace.

Power Supply

As you know, your electric fireplace will need a source of power in order for the flames and heating functions to work. This means you need to select a location that has an electrical outlet nearby, or you need to have one installed. Keep in mind that some fireplaces need to be wired into your home electrics, so check this first. 

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient fireplace might cost more initially but the long-term cost savings make it well worth it. Energy-efficient electric fireplaces are more effective at heating a specific sized room specially if the space includes a receding background which requires constant re-heating. A medium sized hall or a temporary waiting arena can be warmed at optimal cost benefits using such an electric fireplace model which is exceptionally convenient at utilizing minimum energy for desired heating. 

Heating Options

If you want to enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace all year round but not necessarily the heat, select a fireplace that gives you the option to turn the heat off. You should also consider how big a space the fireplace can heat plus how much it costs to keep a fireplace running without the costs of heating. These additional expenditures might seam like bearing extra costs for a mere heating vessel but the range of options available to the user along with the variety of purposes aptly justify the amount for purchase of this item.

Flame Options

How many options do you want in terms of flame color and settings options? Some fireplaces have one or two flame color options, while others have several. There is also the option of special flame effects and custom bed accessories which can be customized to serve your mood of the moment. This critical addition serves to further build on the primary purpose for selection of a traditional fireplace which is to warming of a closed-space.

Enter the era of the wall-mounted fireplace

The Walled Mounted Models have recently occupied much obsession in the minds of home-owners and even possible builders who seek to provide a much more relaxed interior along with a perfect finish with the addition of an electric fireplace occupying less space but ticking all the necessary requisites! These usually require simple assembly to be able to be affixed into a side of a wall boasting adequate space on either side.

Also known as hanging fireplaces, wall mounted electric fireplaces are slim, easy to install and provide a realistic fire experience - all without the need for soot or fumes. Homeowners can enjoy a glowing ambiance and warm temperatures throughout the year. This special addition to your home will relish along side other pieces of décor in your living space, so make sure to get a fireplace as soon as possible before you hit the holiday season and the guests start pouring in. This piece serves the added benefit of being highly compressed so it doesn't burden your limited living room's space!

Once you understand exactly what you need from a wall mounted electric fireplace, it makes it a lot easier to narrow down your choices. This guide will help speed up the process, ensuring you can install and enjoy your electric fireplace sooner rather than later. 

Want more options? Here are our top electric fireplace choices for your home.

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