7 Best Electric Fireplaces to Purchase in 2023 (Realistic & Efficient)

Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and a great ambiance – it’s no wonder electric fireplaces have grown in popularity. The best electric fireplaces for your home is hard to choose.

Unlike gas or wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are more flexible and convenient, giving you the option to heat up a room or simply create a warm, comforting glow. You’re also not losing heat via a vent or chimney, which means all the heat is dispersed directly into the room.

Not all electric fireplaces are made equal though, which is why we’ve put together a list of our top recommendations for your home.

What to Look for in an Electric Fireplace

Easy To Handle

Conventional fireplaces come with a lot of nuisances as you are required to deal with ventilation issues to properly direct away rising soot while also arranging a never-ending stock of firewood. By going electric, many of your problems are solved plus the added benefits of an eco-friendly purchase will definitely impress your vegetarian friends!


A fireplace will add much seductive galore to your living space while also complementing the more sleek design features of your interior space. A slow-burning fire, with cold music, topped off with some sadistic lighting will give your home the regal touch it needs.


A fireplace will be the centerpiece of any room so its design must ensure completeness with the overall theme of the space in which it is installed. Your décor will add just the right amount of novice modernity to your space which will require the perfect electric fireplace to go along with it.

The Best Electric Fireplaces to Buy in 2023

1. Best Overall – Landscape Pro Series

Landscape Pro Series Electric Fireplace


If you’re looking for an electric fireplace that’s stylish, realistic, and reliable, look no further than the Modern Flames Landscape Pro Series. Choose from 4 different sizes as well as a wall mount, recessed mount, or built-in installation option. Hand-painted driftwood logs, smoke glacier glass, and LED lighting create realistic visuals, even in direct sunlight. Change the settings of the fireplace using a handheld remote or download the Modern Flames app to control everything from your phone. This addition to your living room will add a powerful ambience that no visitor will be able to simply gloss over. Moreover, This particular model also serves the purpose of an extended landscape which is quite exquisite and appealing to those who observe fine antiquity!

2. Best for Value – Sideline Elite

Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace


If you value affordability but still want an electric fireplace with a clean, modern look and impressive features, the Touchstone Sideline Elite series is a must-see. This WiFi-enabled fireplace produces realistic flames in 60 different color combinations that you can control using Alexa or Google Home voice commands. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire without the smoke or smells of a real fireplace. With 2 heat settings, the Sideline Elite can heat a room of up to 400 square feet.

These features have been combined to provide the best possible experience to anyone who is delighted at the sight of a plethora of small flames. It will also serve to lighten your room by introducing a novel piece of décor to go along with the rest of your interior items. This affordable yet sleek design is among our top-hits for the holiday season which brings in droves of excited holiday buyers most interested in this all inclusive electric fireplace!

3. Best for Luxury – E Series

E Series Electric Fireplaces by European Home


The E series by European Home is ideal for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. Enjoy the beautiful flame effects and modern design, while still benefitting from energy savings. No need for venting and no harmful fumes either. The Silver Birch log set that’s included with every unit adds the perfect finishing touch to these realistic electric fireplaces. Choose from single, corner, and 3-sided configurations as well as a variety of sizes. All fireplace settings can be controlled with the help of an easy-to-use application from your smartphone.

Based on the need for a digital interface to help interaction with the e-fireplace to be maintained as safe and sound, we provide an online connection to access the fireplace's controls. All fireplace settings can be controlled with the help of an easy-to-use application from your smartphone. A friendly user interface requiring minimal effort provides optimal access to all.

4. Best for Realistic Flames – Revillusion

Revillusion Electric Fireplace


For hyper-realistic fireplace visuals, there’s nothing quite like the Dimplex Revillusion. Using advanced technology, this unit produces a warm hue as well as large, bright flames that flicker. There are even natural soot marks on the brick background, making the entire experience as authentic as possible. While the Dimplex Revillusion can be used as part of a primary heating plan, there is also the option to just use the flame functionality. Various sizes are available.

5. Best 3-Sided – Sedona Pro

Sedona Pro Electric Fireplace


Created by Modern Flames, this multi sided electric fireplace uses Hybrid-FX flame technology and has an energy-efficient, 5,000 BTU variable heater. With a variety of flame settings and 2 ember bed stone styles, you can create a personalized fireplace experience, all with the help of a convenient remote control. Choose from 3 different fireplace sizes and a single-sided, left or right corner installation. Thermostat and wall controls are an optional extra. The multiple in-built options allow for a range of different visual display features which can complement the setting of your living space along with the preferences of any gathering.

6. Best for 2x4 Installations – IgniteXL

Ignite XL Electric Fireplace


Experience year-round comfort with this eye-catching, modern electric fireplace from Dimplex. Enjoy the ambiance and heat of a real fireplace without the smoke and fumes. Edge-to-edge glass offers all-round views of the flames, which can be controlled from a handy remote. Choose from a variety of colors or enjoy them all using the prism mode. The unit has a Comfort$aver® ceramic heating system, which uses over 10% less energy than other leading quartz infrared heaters. What’s more with no flame heat, the glass front remains cool to the touch. A combination of several display features allows for calibrating the views with the mood of the setting, something which surely allows for a serendipitous occasion!

7. Best for Smart Features – HALO

HALO Electric Fireplace


Created by European Home, the HALO electric fireplace is the ideal choice for smart homes. This Wi-Fi-enabled unit allows you to control your fireplace experience via Amazon Alexa. Set the mood by turning on one of 6 pre-set flame displays over amber or clear glass clippings that are illuminated from below. The brightness, flame speed, and temperature can also be controlled directly from your smartphone. Single, 3-sided, right, and left corner installations are all available. The smart digital interface for this unit comes as a relief for anyone who might show signs for pyrophobia as this addition makes sure you don't have to close up for manually operating the fireplace while also enjoying the visuals. 


Why buy an electric over a traditional fireplace?

Traditional fireplaces run the risk of quite dangerous ventilation issues which can erupt from anything such as blockages in chimneys. To facilitate a more lively family interaction around a warm and well-kept living space which is both safe and sound for your loved ones plus offers an exquisite visual display of flickering flames dancing in multi-colors to re-arrange in completely different orientations is what inspires the need for a more prudent option. An electric fireplace eliminates the conservative aspect of timber-burning while maintaining an antique aspect of the flame's presence to heat your drawing room. The flame can be enhanced or diminished according to one's preference for flamy fires.

The ferocity of flames in traditional fireplaces has often resulted in dire unfortunate consequences if proper care is not entrusted to the supervision of the fire-wood. This has translated into a need for a viable alternative which can guarantee the warmth of a flame while making it safe for a traditional home. This is where electric fireplaces have entered the chat! A wide range of such e-fireplaces can offer you the best suited choice for your home. Such an investment in making your home safer and warmer will certainly pay you all the dividends when it comes to housing a joyous family of children and adults alike!

How do electric fireplaces work?

Most electric fireplaces make use of cool air inside the room, drawing it inside and gently heating it through an internally fitted heating element, and then circulating the warm air back into the room with the help of a fan or blower. Electric fireplaces produce safe displays of flames which aren't actually real flames. Instead, they are made to appear real-like by the use of rippling flames by refracting light in a three-dimensional form. Electric Fireplaces make maximum use of conventional current circulation to keep a space warmer for longer while minimizing the amount of energy consumed in doing so! Such cost-efficiency will definitely prove worthy of the money you set aside to purchase this affordable piece of luxury!

How much heat do electric fireplaces give off?

The net heating provided and suggested heating area differ vastly by model, but here are some general guidelines for selecting a fireplace. Normally electric fireplaces provide between 4,500 and 5,200 BTU (British Thermal Unit) of heat. An electric fireplace installed with a forced fan heater will be able to warm a space of up to 400 square feet. Particular types of e-fireplace models with an infrared heater can mostly cap a significantly greater area—up to 1,000 square feet. When compared to traditional fire-wood fireplaces, the avergae cost of heating provided the offset over environmental pollutants streaming from a typical fire-wood piece, an electric variant is not only greener but also much more economic in the medium-to-long run.

How do you install an electric fireplace?

Generally, portable and standalone units are not required to be installed; they are simply made to be plugged into a switch and to be turned on. A shelved model can either be put up or affixed into a wall. An even easier job would be to simply hang the unit, while affixing the fireplace would require some manual effort by a carpenter or skilled professional. Over mantel ornate fireplaces desire some basic assembling; normally units are fixed into a wall-side using wedges and adhesives.

Why Very Good Fireplaces?

Our models are constantly redesigned to accommodate all user preferences with regards to styles which serve the purpose of a delightful interior while also seeking to maximize heating but also sticking close to energy efficiency. This piece was contributed by a freelance writer who has incessantly researched all types of fireplaces and regards electric fireplaces enlisted at this site as not only most suited to the cold weather they routinely encounter but affirm that the research put across to ascertain the regality of these designs puts them on top of all other alternatives! The features included in our list of functions available to the user put these electric fireplaces at the top of your shopping list to help add that final bit of magic to your living room!

Best Electric Fireplaces that Suit Your Needs

If you’re searching for a clean, modern, and efficient source of heat for your home, electric fireplaces tick every box. An electric fireplace is also an eye-catching feature and an investment in your home. This piece of must have furniture is something which will surely make your living space stand-out among all of your colleague's homes! It is definitely safe to have children play around this fireplace while keeping them warm during the colder weather since all necessary safety precautions have been duly taken utmost care of with regards to fire-safety hazards which might arise due to any impending faults in home interiors.

Understandably any hefty investment certainly requires a lot of detailed pondering about the durability of the item to be purchased. A fireplace speaks to a gentleman's taste of any interior design feature and compliments all forms of home styles. With a touch of modernity, these exclusive ranges espouse a traditional yet savvy look for your space!

Prefer a more linear design? Take a look at our favorite linear electric fireplaces here.

If you need help choosing an electric fireplace that meets your needs or have questions about our range, call us on 307-200-9396.

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