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Top 3 Realistic Electric Fireplace Inserts for Your Home

One of the biggest appeals of an electric fireplace is that it looks realistic, but you no longer need to deal with the soot and fumes of a traditional fireplace.

Electric fireplace inserts are a popular choice among home and apartment owners who want to enjoy the glow and warmth of a fireplace but don’t have a lot of space.

An insert is generally surrounded by steel or cast iron and has an insulated glass front. These materials help trap the heat, while a vent blows the hot air into the room.

This particular type of fireplace is more compact and ideal for smaller spaces, and if you are considering one for your home, here are the best options.

The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Inserts

1. Modern Flames Redstone Fireplace Insert

Add style, warmth, and ambiance to any room with the Modern Flames Redstone electric fireplace insert. Using Featuring Hybrid-FX™ Flame Technology, you can control the flames, downlight colors, temperature, and ember bed separately. There are 10 flame, ember bed, and flame colors to choose from, as well as a clear crystal media or log set.

This fireplace insert doesn’t require any venting and can be installed on any wall with 10” depth. In fact, it’s so simple to install that many people choose to do it themselves. However, professional assistance is always recommended.Modern Flames Redstone Electric Fireplace Insert

2. Dimplex Revillusion Fireplace Insert

Enjoy larger, brighter flames with a Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace insert. Each unit comes standard with a full brick interior and logs for a realistic finishing touch. The frosted acrylic panel was designed to have the effects of a mirror without creating a reflection, while the mood lighting and color enhancement features allow you to personalize your experience.

The unit is quick and easy to install and can be used with or without heat. What’s more, there are no emissions, and the fireplace is 100% efficient.

Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Insert

3. Faber e-Matrix Fireplace Box

One feature that sets this Faber electric fireplace apart from the rest is that it works with water vapor. A water connection helps produce a mist that contributes to humidity levels in your home, while a unique light module creates pulsating flame effects. The charred wood log set completes the realistic fireplace visual. And as an added bonus, there is a sound module that creates a crackling fire sound.  

This electric fireplace is available as a front or a corner unit.

Faber e-Matrix Electric Fireplace Insert

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