Electric Fireplace Safety Guide - What you should know

Electric fireplaces are a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. However, a lot of buyers are concerned about the safety of electric fireplaces. To address these concerns, we created the ultimate electric fireplace safety guide. Keep on reading and find out the best electric fireplace safety tips.

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Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

The short answer to this question is - YES. Electric fireplaces are quite safe, especially if you follow electric fireplace safety tips and recommendations. However, despite this very reassuring answer, let's discuss what makes electric fireplaces safe. 

Electric and Wood Fireplaces: Safety Comparison

First of all, when we think of fireplaces, usually, the traditional wood-burning fireplace comes to mind. Naturally, burning wood indoors creates a fire hazard. Sparks from burning wood can be very dangerous if you are not careful enough. Since electric fireplaces do not require wood for heating up, it is simply a safer option. As you know, electric fireplaces do not create live flames. The flames are actually created using different ways. Mostly LED lights are used to create the illusion of fire flames. Although high-quality electric fireplaces look so realistic you might have a hard time believing that the flames are not real. Overall, from a fire hazard point of view, electric fireplaces are much safer than wood-burning ones. 

Electric and Gas Fireplaces: Safety Comparison

Gas fireplaces do not create sparks however, they still make live flames. Hence, if you have a gas fireplace, you need to take more precautions.  Keep in mind, gas fireplaces heat up surrounding walls. While electric fireplaces also heat up, heat is not as extreme as in the case of gas or wood fireplaces. So, there is less risk of heat transference if you have an electric fireplace. Also, with electric fireplaces, you don't have to be worried about having flammable materials around the fireplace.  In short, there are a number of differences between gas and electric fireplaces that make electric fireplaces a much safer option. 

Electric Fireplace Safety Guide

As mentioned above, electric fireplaces are very safe. But it is always smart to take simple precautions and follow safety tips. Use the electric fireplace safety guide at every step of the way: from the installation of the fireplace to daily use. 

Electric Fireplaces Safety Tips 

  1. Installing Fireplace

When you install the fireplace, check the outlet in advance for safety. Moreover, it would be wise to have a separate electrical circuit for your electric fireplace. This means that the outlet is connected to the circuit breaker which is not connected to any other outlet. Also, consult an electrician before installing a new electric fireplace. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to get professional help when installing a new fireplace. However, if you have no prior experience with wiring and plugs, it is always smarter to receive sound advice. 

Electrical fireplace safety tips

2. Keep different objects away from your fireplace

When you have the heating on for your electric fireplace, its surface naturally gets hot. Hence, it is better if you keep different items away from the fireplace. If the frame of your fireplace gets hot, then do not put electronics, toys, and flammable items on it. Remember this tip if you have a wall-mounted fireplace. Often owners use the top of the wall-mounted fireplace as a shelf to put on various items. This definitely looks nice but it is not very safety-conscious. 

For more wall-mounted fireplace safety tips, read our blog. 

Furthermore, try to avoid putting combustible materials very close to your electric fireplace. To follow the electric fireplace safety guide, keep away following items:

      • Clothes
      • Drapes
      • Bedding
      • Furniture¬†

3. Unplug the electric fireplace when not in use

It is always better to be cautious. Unplugging your electric fireplace when you do not use it is a simple but effective safety tip. Moreover, it would be wise to turn off the fireplace during the night. Not leaving the fireplace on overnight is one of the best safety practices you could follow. 

4. Keep away children and pets

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The surfaces of electric fireplaces get hot and keeping away from them is simply smart. However, if you have toddlers or pets who cannot really understand the dangers of fireplaces, you have to be more careful.  Do not leave kids or pets unattended if your electric fireplace is on and can be reached by them.   

5. Electric fireplace wiring

Do not use damaged wires or outlets for your electric fireplace. Make sure that the unit's wires and connections do not run under carpet, furniture, or other appliances. 

6. Keep away fluids

Make sure that drinks and any other type of fluids are kept away from the fireplace. Also, make sure that any installation points of your electric fireplace do not cross paths with water. 

Electrical Fire Safety in Your Home

Whether you own an electric fireplace or not it is crucial to understand the importance of electrical fire safety. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, the annual number of electrical home structure fires is on average 51,000 in the U.S. So, here are important materials about electrical fire safety:

Final Thoughts on Electric Fireplace Safety

Having an electric fireplace in your home can be not only enjoyable but a very safe experience. An electric fireplace brings warmth and coziness to your home. And unlike wood and gas fireplaces it is quite safe. An electric fireplace safety guide will help you make the best of your experience. It will help you be safe from installation to daily use. Just follow these simple tips and enjoy your new fireplace. 

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