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Spring is finally here and many of us can feel the spring in the air. As it gets warmer, we spend more time outdoors. Enjoying the spring in the garden is one of the best ways to spend your time. However, while it is warmer, in some places it is still not warm enough. So, you might be looking for ways to make your patio or garden warmer and add a heater to it. Many people consider using an electric fireplace as outdoor heating. However, there are concerns regarding the safety and usage of electric fireplaces outdoors. In this article, you will learn whether you can use an electric fireplace outside and what to keep in mind when buying an outdoor electric fireplace.

Outdoor electric fireplace

Can you use an electric fireplace outdoors?

Yes, generally, you can use an electric fireplace outside. But there is a twist. You cannot install just any electric fireplace outside. If you want to use an electric fireplace as a garden or patio heater then you should buy an outdoor electric fireplace. Keep in mind that electric fireplaces are made for indoor heating. Hence, they are built in a way that heats up closed areas. But since electric fireplaces are a great addition to any space, many manufacturers have designed outdoor electric fireplaces. These units are used to make patios and outside areas cozier and more comfortable. Moreover, you can use them as outdoor heaters. 

So, to sum up, you can use electric fireplaces outdoors. You can install them in your backyard or make them part of your patio space. However, you should only use the ones designed for outdoor use. 

How to know if an electric fireplace is suitable for the outdoors?

When shopping for an electric fireplace, pay attention to the instructions. You will get all the important information there. Usually, if an electric fireplace is suitable for outdoor usage, the information will be given in the product description. For example, in the online store of Very Good Fireplaces, it is written in the product name if the fireplace is meant for outside. Moreover, when searching the products you can filter them based on Features. In the features, choose "outdoor" and you will get a wide choice of outdoor electric fireplaces.  

Check photos below to learn how to find outdoor electric fireplaces in our store:

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What to consider when getting an outdoor electric fireplace?

If you are new to the electric fireplace game, then you might have questions about choosing the right one. As we have established, the first thing to do when choosing an outdoor fireplace is to ensure the unit is suitable for the outside. Secondly,  you must consider the location. The location is essential for various reasons. For an outdoor electric fireplace, you should choose a location that has access to a power outlet.

Location of the electric fireplace

An electric fireplace needs to be located close to a power outlet. Or you can use an extension cord to connect the unit to electricity. However, having an extension chord outdoors might not be the safest option. Additionally, keep in mind that an electric fireplace needs weatherproofing. While some electric fireplaces might withstand different weather conditions, none of them are completely immune to harsh weather. So,  it is wise to cover the electric fireplace and ensure its access to electricity is secure. 

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Reasons for adding an electric fireplace to the garden

There are many reasons for adding a fireplace to your outdoor living space. Here are 4 biggest reasons for it:

1. Outdoor heater

An electric fireplace can work as an outdoor heater. While it looks like a fireplace, it is built to be a heater. So, if you are looking elegant heater for your patio, backyard, or any other outdoor living space, you can definitely get an electric fireplace. 

2. Design appeal

An electric fireplace looks like a fireplace. So, design-wise it is a great addition to any space. Advanced visual technology creates the perfect image of firelogs, flames, and sparks. And all of this without having to build an actual fire. With a simple plug, you get all the beauty of a fireplace while having none of the safety concerns. When you have an electric fireplace, there is no need to worry about sparks, ashes, or smoke. 

3. Increased real estate value

According to the National Association of Realtors, by adding an electric fireplace to your home you can increase its value. By some estimates, a fireplace can increase the value of the real estate by as much as $12,000. So, one of the pros of an electric fireplace is raising real estate value. 

4. The fireplace effect

The best thing about adding electric fireplace to your outdoor space is the ultimate fireplace effect. You can always sit around the fireplace with your friends and family. An electric fireplace brings an unmatched feeling of comfort. So, the biggest reason for getting a fireplace is to create the perfect place for gatherings. 


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