Orion Electric Fireplace Review: Orion Multi VS Orion Slim

Are you considering getting an electric fireplace? Then you should start the process with the research. First, you should understand what your priorities and preferences are. Secondly, you should check out what types of electric fireplaces are on the market. If you are just learning about electric fireplaces, then the process of choosing one might seem overwhelming. Especially, since there are so many great options. For example, the Very Good Fireplaces store features over 100 different electric fireplace models. So, we understand your struggle when it comes to choosing your perfect electric fireplace. To help you out with the process, here is an Orion electric fireplace review. In this article, we will discuss the features of Orion electric fireplaces and later compare Orion Multi and Orion Slim. 


About Orion Electric Fireplaces

Orion Electric Fireplaces are created by Modern Flames, an electric fireplace producer. The company is known for its innovative approach to electric fireplace design. The headquarters of the company is located in Phoenix, Arizona however, their fireplaces are available all over U.S. Modern Flames introduced the modern linear electric fireplaces to Northern America. Therefore, company's Orion series is one of the most popular electric fireplaces on the market. Orion Fireplace doesn’t leave anyone disappointed since Modern Flames is known for advanced technology and realistic flame display. Overall, Modern Flames has three different models within the Orion line:

In the Orion Electric Fireplace review, we will focus on Orion Slim and Orion Multi Fireplaces. Firstly, we will discuss both models in detail and then compare them so you can choose the one most suitable for your taste.


Orion Electric Fireplace Review: Quick Look

Firstly, let's look at the main technical features of Orion Slim and Orion Multi. As you can see in the comparison breakdown below, both electric fireplaces offer amazing options for anyone who wants to add an electric fireplace to their home. Similarly, both fireplaces create the feeling of a traditional fireplace using modern technologies. After that, we will dive into the specifics of Orion Electric Fireplace Review 2023.



Orion Slim

Orion Multi


  • Single-Sided Built-In Linear Fireplace
  • Slide-In Installation 6” Wall or Wall Mounted
  • Slide-In Clean Face Design
  • Front View, Left Corner, Right Corner, Bay
  • Built-In Clean Face or Wall Mount
  • Wall Mount Installs Only 1 ½” From the Wall

Available Size

52”60”76” and 100”

 52”60”76”,  100” & 120″

Viewing Area 

15” high viewing area

18” high viewing area

Adjustable Flame Speed

Multi-Color Ember Bed

Multi-Color Downlighting

Multi-Dimensional Flame Appearance

Flame Patterns



Flame Colors



Heat Output

5,000 BTU

10,000 BTU




WiFi Controlled via Modern Flames App

Handheld Remote Control

Built-in Touch Controls


Electric Fireplace Appearance: Orion Multi VS Orion Slim

So, let’s start the Orion electric fireplace review by comparing the appearances of the Multi and Slim series.

First of all, let’s discuss the differences between these two models. Orion Multi electric fireplace has an 18” viewing area while Orion Slim offers 15”. Moreover, Orion Multi has a deeper ember bed giving this series a more natural look. Basically, you can see logs further into the fireplace which might be more aesthetically appealing to some. Orion Multi is frameless while Orion Slim has a black bezel that is around 1 inch in width. This difference might be significant for those who want the electric fireplace to fit perfectly into the interior design and color palette of the space. However, the differences in terms of appearance might not be as important for others since both fireplaces are pretty similar in this sense. 


In terms of flame technology, both fireplaces are quite similar. Both Orion Multi and Slim have a high-quality flame display that features NEW HELIOVISION flame technology. Moreover, both electric fireplaces have 3 flame patterns and 6 flame colors with a cozy fireplace crackling sound. Whether you choose Slim or Multi, you can adjust the flame speed and enjoy a multi-dimensional flame appearance.

To sum up the Orion Electric Fireplace Review, in terms of appearance both electric fireplaces are a great option. Which one you prefer is up to your needs and preferences. 


Heat: Orion Slim VS Orion Multi

One of the key purposes of an electric fireplace is to provide heat. Therefore, heat is one of the key factors we consider for Orion Electric Fireplace Review.

Both electric fireplaces are energy-efficient and feature high-efficiency ceramic heaters. However, we have a significant difference when it comes to heat output. Orion Slim has a 5,000 BTU heater. While Orion Multi has the same type of heater, wiring allows for increasing heat output. As a result, Orion Multi has a 10,000 BTU heater which is twice as much as Orion Slim. To sum up, if you want to use an electric fireplace as a heating source and you have a big space, then Orion Multi is a better option for you. While the 5,000 BTU offered by Orion Slim is a perfectly fine heating output, if your priority is heating a large space then you should consider a higher-capacity heater.

Orion Electric Fireplace Review: Size and Installation

When choosing an electric fireplace, you should keep in mind installation and the available size of electric fireplaces.


In terms of installation, Orion Slim is pretty straightforward. Orion Slim is a single-sided, linear, built-in electric fireplace. Moreover, you can use it as a wall-mounted electric fireplace and add it to any room of your home. On the other hand, Orion Multi is more complicated and as the name suggests it has multi-installation options. Above all, you can have Orion Multi as a built-in electric fireplace. Turning it into a wall-mounted fireplace is also an option. It Installs 1 ½” from the wall. Also, in addition to the front view, Orion Multi has left and right corners.  

Check out details about differences between Recessed and Wall-mounted electric fireplaces.


Orion Slim electric fireplace is available in the following sizes: 52”60”76”, and 100”. Orion Multi has the same sizes although you can also get a 120” Orion Multi electric fireplace. The size of an electric fireplace is important for several reasons. Firstly, it determines whether you can fit the fireplace into the room. Secondly, size of the electric fireplace impacts the heat output it has. Moreover, price of an electric fireplace can change depending on its size.

Read more about electric fireplace related costs in our article.  

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