How to Make an Electric Fireplace Look More Realistic

If you’re worried that your electric fireplace won’t look real enough, you wouldn’t be the first. The good news is that not only are electric fireplaces realistic but there are additional steps you can take to further enhance the realism - making an electric fireplace look built-in is one of them.

traditional electric fireplace with mantel

In this guide, we cover a few simple tips that can help make your electric fireplace look more like a traditional built-in fireplace.

Quick Tips for Making Your Electric Fireplace Look Built-In

Here are our top recommendations for a more realistic, built-in look and feel.

  • Height matters. The higher a fireplace is, the more realistic it looks. Opt for an electric fireplace that’s at least 40 inches high for a more realistic built-in effect.
  • Treat it as a focal point. An electric fireplace is usually the centre of attention, which means design is important. What can you do to dress the fireplace and draw more attention to it? Wall coverings, symmetrical cabinets, and motif decor will all make the fireplace look like an integral part of your home. When planned correctly, items such as cabinets can help an electric fireplace look built-in too. 
  • Select the right type of electric fireplace. If you want an electric fireplace to appear more traditional, opt for a fireplace insert or a fireplace suite, which comes standard with a motif. These types of fireplaces recede into your wall or at least create the illusion that it does. 
  • Use traditional accessories. A fireplace screen or stone hearth, which is often used with traditional fireplaces, can bring your electric fireplace to life. There’s also the option of selecting traditional logs for the bed of your electric fireplace to create a more realistic visual. 
  • Hire a professional installer. If you don’t feel confident installing an electric fireplace yourself, get a professional to assist you. A fireplace instantly looks less real if you have cords and plugs sticking out. A professional installer can also help you make your electric fireplace look built-in. 

If you need some help finding your ideal electric fireplace, here is a list of our top rated units. 

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