Electric fireplace ideas for your home office

If you are working from home, then you definitely spend a lot of time in your home office. Making the home office comfortable and cozy is very important for your wellbeing. Whether your working space is a corner in the living room or a separate room, designing it to your liking is key to having good working from home experience. In this article we will share with you the best electric fireplace ideas for home office.

How to choose electric fireplace for home office?

Electric fireplace ideas for home office depend on the space you’ve got. There are certain factors you should keep in mind when looking for an electric fireplace:


  • The placement and available space
  • Electric setup
  • Heat output
  • The design
  • Installation


In addition to these factors, your choice will be influenced by personal preferences in terms of the design of the unit and flame effects.

For more detailed information about choosing an electric fireplace, read our article “9 Things To Consider When Choosing An Electric Fireplace”

Reasons for installing fireplace in your home office

If you have not considered having an electric fireplace in your home office, you might be wondering why you even need one. First of all, electric fireplace enriches the design of any room. You can use a fireplace for various design-related decisions. As interior designer Bethany Adams says, “The fireplace surround can be used to incorporate new colors, textures and patterns to your overall decorating scheme”. This is true for any type of fireplace but especially for electric ones. You can get amazing electric fireplace ideas for your home office due to the versatility of e-fireplaces.

Furthermore, electric fireplace makes any space more comfortable and cozier. This is especially important for spaces which are usually used for work. Since most of us spend majority of day working, we might as well make our working space comfy and relaxing. Most importantly, you can use electric fireplace for its primary purpose - heating. 

Best Electric Fireplace Ideas for Home Office

There are many ways for incorporating electric fireplaces in your home office. In this list we will categorize the ideas based on installation type. As you know electric fireplaces can be wall-mounted or built-in. Furthermore, there are more specific differences based on style.  

Wall-mount electric fireplace ideas for home office

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are great for design purposes. If you want to create modern home office, then you cannot go wrong with wall-mounted fireplace. This option is especially great if you have limited space and want to utilize every inch of the room. Here are some electric fireplace design ideas for your home office featuring wall-mounted installation type.

Wall-mounted fireplace can help liven up your home office while still keeping its minimalistic design. You can use it to create a statement wall and utilize smaller spaces. Small wall-mounted fireplaces present a nice and affordable way to make home office comfortable place for working. 

1. Touchstone Chesmont 50" Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace ideas for home office


2. Touchstone Onyx 50" Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Recessed Fireplace Ideas for Home Office

If you have very limited space, then recessed electric fireplace will be suitable for your home office. While recessed fireplace uses less space in the room, it also comes with more complex installation which leads to higher costs. However, recessed electric fireplace is worth every penny and hype. It offers unmatched modern elegance. Its modern outlook creates more productive and business-oriented environment in your home office. Because of its sharp appearance, recessed electric fireplaces are often selected for offices. 

Learn more about differences between recessed and wall-mounted electric fireplaces. 

Additionally, recessed fireplaces come with modern features. Many recessed electric fireplaces at our store are Alexa or Google compatible. This will certainly give modern office vibe to your home working space and set you on a productive mood. 

3. Touchstone Sideline Elite

Recessed Electric Fireplace

Built-in Electric Fireplace Ideas for Home Office

If you want more comfortable vibe in your home office, then consider adding a built-in fireplace with a frame. This has more traditional appearance and its frame provides all sorts of possibilities for enriching the design of your working space. 

Whether you love light or dark space for working, the built-in fireplace is versatile enough to satisfy your every need. For people who have big home office traditional fireplace can fill up the space and make it more welcoming. Furthermore, if you are a fan of traditional home offices and want a sophisticated design, you can not go wrong with built-in fireplace with a good frame and shelf on top. Here are some of the best built-in electric fireplace ideas for home office:

4. Dimplex Revillusion Built-in Firebox

Home Office Ideas


5. Modern Flames Redstone Built-in Fireplace

built-in fireplace


6. Remii Indoor Built-in Electric Fireplace

 built-in fireplace ideas


How Big Should the Electric Fireplace be?

If you are looking for electric fireplace ideas for home office, then you should consider the optimal size of the fireplace. While many fireplaces come in different sizes, some fireplaces do not offer many options. So, it would be smart to filter out existing options based on size. This will narrow down your long list. 

So, how do you choose the size of fireplace? Firstly, if you have available space such as existing wood-burning fireplace you should start by measuring it. Often people use existing fireplace as a frame for new electric fireplace. So, if you want to do this, then measure its height, width and depth to start looking for suitable insert. 

If you want to get recessed or wall-mounted insert, then measure the available space and start searching based on that information. Moreover, you should take into account the amount of watts fireplace uses to determine optimal size. Generally, always read the detailed information on our website when looking for an electric fireplace. You can read there what is the ideal size of room for each fireplace. 

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